Our Practice Area

Non Immigrant VisaH1B, L1, E1, E2, E3, O1 Visas

Work permit and path to green card

Immigration VisaEmployment, Family, Investment

Permanent Residency through Family, Employment or Investment Visas

CitizenshipNaturalization and Citizenship

United Status Naturalization and Citizenship

Family Law

Special PermitsExtended Green card permits

To spend more than 6 months outside of U.S. while holding Green card.

Visa OverstayNon Immigrant Visas

Did you overstay your current visa?

DeportationImmigration Law

Did you receive deportation notice?

Business VisasNon Immigration Visas

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Initial consultation

Every case begins with professional consultation where we listen to our client's concern and guide them accordingly from start to finish. Typical fees for initial consultation range from $350 to $500. Most cases carry fixed price from start to finish after initial consultation in order to simplified pricing.

Our Process

Send Your Request:

You can email or call us for initial consultation along with form of payment. Based upon your request and nature of case, we will evaluate and recommend next course of action.


Our Consultation:

Understanding client’s need before working on any case is our priority. After our initial consultation, you can sign work contract and get full details of your possible path to solution.

Sign a Contract:

Only after your initial consultation, you are required to sign contract in order to begin work on your case.



We believe in result oriented service and therefore our legal fees are reasonable and fare. Depending upon your case, fees could be one fix rate or variable. In either case, client is required to make initial 50% payment of your estimated fees.


Upon initial review and requirements, client may need to submit necessary documents. You will be contacted by our office to collect all required documents. During processing of your case, you may be contacted by our office in order to collect additional information.



Our office will be fully responsible to handle all communication with related immigration agency to handle your matter. Upon full review of all necessary information collected from you, we file or submit information to USCIS or related agency. You will be informed at all the time about all kind of actions taken on your case.


Why Us?


Each case goes through all necessary consultations to analyze all possible options and determine the best path forward to achieve desired result.

Individual attention

At the Law Offices of Kirti Patel, we take the time to evaluate each case individually and work with the client on an ongoing basis throughout the length of their case. Ms. Patel does prefers to balance her workload optimum in order spend individual attention to every case she is working on.

Result Oriented

During all the time being spent on case, we understand that end result is the one what is matter. At Law office of Kirti Patel, we make sure that we achieve best possible outcome that can satisfy our client because we understand important of satisfied clients and value it adds to our reputation.

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