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The opportunity to live, work, travel, and engage in the economic, social, educational, and political life of the United States—this is the American dream for millions of people around the globe. Many achieve it. Many others, including foreign professionals who contribute to the nation’s economic success, do not.

New citizen at National Park Service ceremony.
New citizen at National Park Service ceremony.

The processes for obtaining residency, employment, and citizenship are complex. Forms can be confusing. And the numbers—each year 20 percent of the world’s immigrants seek a life in the U.S.—make it more important than ever to have an attorney with immigration expertise in your corner. Even better is a skilled lawyer who has experienced the immigration process of personally.

How KP Law Can Help You Achieve Your Dream

Kirti Patel, principal of KP Law, LLC, is an immigrant and the daughter of immigrants who early in life saw many members of her family and community experience problems while trying to achieve legal status. She understands the hardships many newly arrived immigrants face and is committed to making the processes simple—and successful—for you.

To learn how she can help you achieve your goals with high quality service at reasonable cost, contact us or schedule a consultation today.

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